Volta XR delivers a new form of entertainment

Company: Volta XR
Funding competition: Innovate UK Smart Grants: Jan 22
Company Sector: Creative Industries
Funding Secured: ~£350k


Volta is a pre-revenue UK SME, fusing creative, technical/ financial experts from across the music industry value-chain (including specialists in 3D design and mixed-reality), to deliver a new form of art and entertainment. Leveraging innovative cloud-based technology, behavioural research and the latest monetisation strategies, it seeks to develop a disruptive audience engagement monetising software tool to enrich its unique offering: VoltaEngage. The project will be transformative for Volta.

The Market Problem

Musicians have been notoriously underpaid and underfunded: in April 2021, several British artists appealed to the Prime Minister to fix the streaming economy. Live performances are vital for artist incomes and throughout the pandemic, live streaming hit record levels of popularity.

The Project

Volta has already developed Volta Create, a user-friendly software tool enabling artists to create immersive experiences, perform inside them and broadcast them to their audiences on existing 2D platforms like Twitch and YouTube, and on physical LED/projector screens in-venue.

The Granted team supported Volta with a full grant writing service for their winning Innovate UK Smart Grants application. As part of their grant-funded project, Volta will undertake ground-breaking research and development to build an add-on, Volta Engage – a monetising software tool enabling audiences to participate in music artists/ performances by influencing visual effects during live and live-streamed shows.

Client Quote

Granted have been nothing but helpful and professional throughout the whole process. From the very start, Granted understood our complex product offering and was able to distil it into a well-written and evidence-based report. They saved us countless hours of time and we’re very thankful for their help in obtaining this Innovate Grant” – Mitchell Bayer-Goldman, COO of Volta XR