Commercialising Quantum Tech

Company: Wave Photonics
Company Sector: Manufacturing, Mobility & Materials- Photonics
Competition: ISCF Commercialising Quantum Technologies
Funding Secured: ~£500k

Quantum technology has the power to change the world. However, because of its complexity commercialisation is complicated. Taking on that challenge within Quantum Photonic Integrated Circuits (QPICs) is our client Wave Photonics.

What is quantum technology?

Quantum technology is based on the principles of quantum physics (which explains the behaviour of energy and matter on the atomic and subatomic scales).

Benefits of QPICs include:

  • Gains in efficiency, complexity, and reliability compared with macroscopic optical elements.
  • Allow for the realization of complex reconfigurable architectures that will be able to process far larger quantum states, allowing quantum computers to solve more complex problems faster.

The Market Problem

Quantum Photonic Integrated Circuits (QPICs) are key to making photonic or photonics-enabled approaches to quantum computing scalable. QPICs often need extremely low loss and to perform in extreme environments such as at low temperatures or in space, which results in difficulty packaging these devices. At present, QPIC packaging is done on a bespoke, case-by-case basis, meaning that it is slow and costly, creating a barrier to the development of QPIC-based products.

The Project

Led by Wave Photonics, the consortium includes Alter Technology, SENKO Advanced Components, Southampton University and Bristol University. The consortium will develop a design template, optimised components and a packaging process to allow for rapid and cost-effective packaging of QPICs. Quantum Dice will act as a representative end user.

With the full grant writing support for the Granted Consultancy team, accessed through the SETsquared Quantum Technologies programme, Wave Photonics and the consortium were successful in securing funding from the ISCF Commercialising Quantum Technologies competition. Our team is unphased by complex technology areas and caters to the needs of all clients to translate their market-leading project into a successful grant application.

Client Quote

Along with the project partners, we had a great idea for project which harnessed the facilities and expertise of two universities at the cutting edge of integrated quantum photonics and would place the commercial partners in a good position to capture a significant portion of the growing QPIC market.

Via the SETsquared Quantum Technologies programme, we were able to access Granted’s services – The Team at Granted were able to help us fit our vision for the project into the format required by Innovate UK and make sure that we highlighted the key elements of our project to show that it was aligned with the aims of the competition.”- James Lee, CEO at Wave Photonics