10.06.22 Know-how

How to Build a Project Work Plan

What is a project work plan?

A work plan articulates and outlines the steps needed to achieve the goals and objectives of a project.

To set you up for success, a work plan should be ‘SMART’, which is an effective methodology which incorporates 5 characteristics of a goal to make it: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based.

Work Packages

A work plan should be organised in Work Packages, weaving in tasks, milestones, deliverables, resources, budgetary requirements, dependencies and backed with a timeline known as a GANTT chart.

For a 12-18 month project, we recommend 5-6 work packages (including a project management work package). An effective work plan should: Establish a clear roadmap for the project; Ensure buy-in from key stakeholders; and help to manage expectations on both the stakeholder level as well as on the managerial and team member level.

Our top tips for building a work plan

The approach to build a successful project work plan needs:

  • to identify the project’s purpose and general timeline
  • to have context as a progression from technical milestones previously achieved
  • to describe the main goals and objectives
  • to define and coordinate the resources required to complete the project
  • to understand the project constraints (for example, the time, budget and resources required), and have a clearly defined lead for each Work Package and underlying sub-tasks. It should be clear what resources (for example, labour, materials, capital, time, travel) are required to deliver each component of your plan from your work package table

As always, if you need help get in touch with our team. We have years of experience in crafting work plans for winning grant applications. Send us an enquiry or give us a call to see how we can support you.


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