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Automotive Transformation Fund

Fund Name

Automotive Transformation Fund Expression of Interest Round 31

Project Value

Minimum £1m



The Automotive Transformation Fund (ATF) is an Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) programme that aims to establish a competitive and sustainable UK supply chain.

This is an expression of interest (EoI) competition. You must have a successful application in this competition before you can be invited to apply to the full stage competition.

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Fund details

Your project must support the industrialisation at scale of an electrified automotive supply chain. It must be appropriate and in proportion to the planned objectives and prioritisation of the Automotive Transformation Fund (ATF).

You should be looking to transform the automotive industry through significant business or production expansion. Your project should be centred around a product, process or technology that you have already demonstrated and have confirmed as technically and economically feasible.

Your application can be for:

  • capital investment only
  • capital and associated research and development (R&D) activity

Your proposal must prioritise the scale-up in areas mentioned in the Automotive Transformation Strategy for an electrified supply chain. Your project must prioritise scale-up and focus on one or more of the following:

  • batteries including cells (’gigafactories’)
  • electric motors and drives
  • power electronics
  • fuel cells
  • upstream supply chain for, batteries including cells, electric motors and drives, power electronics or fuel cells

Your project must:

  • fit with the overall strategy of the ATF
  • offer value for money for the UK
  • have an ongoing benefit to the UK from the exploitation of your project
  • include deliverables such as time, cost and quality (including risks)

Specific themes: 

  • Batteries, including cells and gigafactories
  • Cathode materials and manufacturing
  • Electric motors and drives
  • Power electronics
  • Fuel cells
  • Upstream Supply Chain including raw materials, component manufacturing, and sub-assembly manufacturing


Your total project costs and project duration must be strongly aligned with the Automotive Transformation Fund (ATF). To be eligible your project must request a minimum of £1 million in grants against your total eligible project costs.

No funding is awarded at this EoI stage. Successful applicants from this EoI stage will be invited to a second full-stage ATF competition. Funding for the full stage will be in the form of a grant.

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