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Business & academia prosperity partnership

Fund Name

Business and academia prosperity partnership: round 2

Project Length

Up to 5 years

Project Value

Up to £17m



The prosperity partnership funding opportunity aims to fund business-led research that arises from an industrial need, with the work being co-delivered between the business and project leads.

The opportunity is aimed at supporting excellent, world-leading discovery research and innovation, which has clear benefit to the businesses involved, resulting in accelerated impact arising from the new knowledge, innovations, or technologies.

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Fund details

Bids must be led by the business lead at the outline stage. Business leads must be:

  • UK-based or have UK-based research activity
  • in the private sector driven by profit, or from an organisation with a commercial arm which generates independent revenue
  • able to contribute to the UK national prosperity through increasing their investment in research and development activities and subsequent product, service, or technology development

UK Research and Innovation will fund 80% of the full economic cost (100% for skills and talent training costs).

Your project can be up to five years.

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