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Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition Round 2 – Collaborative R&D

Fund Name

Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition Round 2 – Collaborative R&D

Project Length

end by 31 August 2023

Project Value




This strand 2 of the competition is funding agile technology demonstrations and pre-deployment testing of clean maritime technologies. Your project must design, develop and test novel clean maritime technologies focused for on-vessel technologies or shoreside infrastructure including at ports and harbours.

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Fund Details

If your project is focused on on-vessel technologies, you must only involve factory or dry dock testing. Your project must not plan to test technologies in the water as part of this project. In water demonstrations will be part of future projects which may be funded as part of later CMDC competitions.

You must plan for the real world demonstration or deployment developed in your project to be operational in water by March 2025.

Your project must:

  • underpin an at scale technology demonstration later in 2023 or after, by delivering a meaningful technology, route to market, or supply chain innovation
  • achieve market potential through a clear strategy for commercialising the technology and the products, demonstrating the potential for significant value to the UK
  • deliver emissions reduction by demonstrating a significant greenhouse gas reduction
  • bring together a team with the necessary expertise and experience to successfully deliver the project according to its objectives, and include a representative end user such as vessel operators, ports or harbour authorities

At the end of your collaborative R&D project, you must:

  • produce a clear, detailed and costed plan for how the solution will be further demonstrated or deployed in an operational setting such as in a port or on vessels, including your technical approach, objectives and business case
  • detail your plan for compliance with regulation and how you will work with relevant regulatory bodies for novel technologies
  • quantify the potential reduction of lifecycle emissions and positive economic impacts in the future
  • explain your understanding of any barriers to market adoption
  • outline the expected commercial applications and exploitation, and potential market segments for your outcomes
  • share your findings with DfT, Maritime and Coastguard agency (MCA) and Innovate UK.
  • produce a clear plan for disseminating the results of your demonstration project and knowledge sharing


Your project must:

  • have total costs between £100,000 and £3 million
  • end by 31 August 2023
  • carry out all of its project work in the UK
  • intend to exploit the results from or in the UK

Your project can start by 1 January 2023.

Lead organisation

To lead a project or your organisation must:

  • be a UK registered business of any size,
  • collaborate with other UK registered organisations

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