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DASA Open Call for Innovation

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DASA Open Call for Innovation

Project Length

3-10 months

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This Open Call gives bidders the opportunity to present their ideas to defence and security stakeholders at any time, without waiting for a relevant Themed Competition. DASA seek innovative ideas to improve the defence and/or security of the UK. Your idea could be a concept, technology or service. DASA’s Emerging Innovations category is for less mature innovations, and the Rapid Impact category is for innovations that are more developed.

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Fund Details

Emerging Innovations- are viewed as those which will deliver a proof of concept at around Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 3 or 4. Proof of concept might include component and/or sub-system validation in a laboratory-style environment. Successful projects may be candidates for follow-on funding in the Rapid Impact category, although other funding opportunities may be available.

Rapid Impact Innovations- are viewed as those which will deliver a technology model or prototype demonstration at around Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 6 or 7. This demonstration should be at a limited scale, in the hands of end users, and in the context or environment in which the solution is expected to be used. To be successful it will also have to provide evidence of how other MOD/Security business and capability requirements, such as the Defence Lines of Development (DLOD), could be satisfied should the project be taken forward after the pilot.

Your project should have a realistic prospect of achieving an impact within three years from the start of the project. Proposals will therefore only be funded if there is a strong customer requirement and capability need for the idea.


Suppliers may only submit proposals to address an Innovation Focus Area and can submit under either Emerging Innovations or Rapid Impact. It is expected that some proposals will be relevant to both defence and security. A project plan with clear milestones and deliverables must be provided. Deliverables must be well defined and designed to provide evidence of progress against the project plan and the end-point for this phase; they must include a final report.

Your proposal must demonstrate how you will complete all activities/services and provide all deliverables within the timescales. Proposals with any deliverables (including the final report) outside the competition timeline will be rejected as non-compliant.

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