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DASA Veterans’ Health Innovation Fund

Fund Name

Veterans' Health Innovation Fund

Project Length

24 months

Project Value

Up to £300k



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Fund Details

Outputs from this competition will improve UK capability to improve veterans’ lives through advancing technologies, interventions and treatments in health, and will ultimately enable the UK to better inform future commissioning of treatments.

Up to £2.7 million is available to fund multiple proposals from the Veterans’ Health Innovation Fund, with up to £300,000 (inc VAT where applicable) available per proposal. The deadline to submit a proposal is midday 31 August 2022.

The competition is looking for proposals which address the following challenges areas:

Challenge 1: Digital, data and technology. This challenge area is aimed at harnessing the latest digital, data and technology capabilities to improve our understanding of veterans’ healthcare needs.

Challenge 2: Surgical technology, bioengineering and rehabilitation with blast injuries. This challenge area is aimed at proposals that offer improvements in innovative surgical techniques, bioengineering and rehabilitation interventions to support veterans who have been subject to blast injuries.

Challenge 3: Public Health, pain management, hearing loss and visual impairment. This challenge area is aimed at improvements for veterans in the areas of pain, hearing loss and visual impairment. In addition, we are interested in applications that plug knowledge gaps and/or trail interventions for public health challenges faced by veterans, especially in the areas of addiction, cardiovascular disease prevention, mental health and nutrition.

Challenge 4: Initiatives to help identify and/or provide solutions to disparities in female veterans’ health and healthcare. This challenge area is interested in projects that could improve our understanding of female veterans’ health challenges, and what care pathways can be put in place to better support them.

DASA are not interested in proposals that:

  • constitute consultancy, paper-based studies or literature reviews which just summarise the existing literature without any view of future innovation
  • offer demonstrations of off-the-shelf products unless applied in a novel way to improve veteran health
  • offer no real long-term prospect of being mainstreamed for reasons of risk, political sensitivity or very high cost
  • offer no real prospect of out-competing existing technological solutions

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