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Delivering a Net Zero NHS for a Healthier Future

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Delivering a Net Zero NHS for a Healthier Future

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Up to 12 months

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Contributing around 4% of England’s emissions, the NHS can make a real difference on a national scale and must tackle climate change at source if it is to deliver on its core purpose: to improve health and care, now and for future generations.

Since 2010, the NHS has reduced emissions by 30% and more transformation that reduces emissions whilst maintaining and improving the quality of patient care is required. Innovation has a significant role to play in supporting the NHS to reach net zero and investing in innovation now will accelerate action and ensure the best outcomes for patients.

Applications open on 31st October 2023.

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The competition seeks applications focussing on:

Clinical community engagement
Innovative approaches to engaging and empowering clinical professionals and speciality groups to decarbonise their area of work and transition to delivering lower carbon models of care.

Novel business models to enable circularity in perioperative care and critical care settings
Strong partnerships across industry and healthcare providers, also bringing in academia, to enable circular models that will ultimately increase and sustain levels of reuse, remanufacture and material recovery. The NHS is looking to improve access to sustainable, reusable instruments and equipment used in perioperative and critical care and to minimise the amount of waste generated in perioperative and critical care settings.

Net Zero clinical transformation
Innovations that take a holistic view of end-to-end care delivery enable evidence-based, high-quality, outcome-driven, low-carbon care for all. The competition is particularly interested in high-volume care pathways and those known to be carbon-intensive.


The competition is open to single organisations based in the UK or EU from the private, public, and third sectors, including companies – large corporates and small and medium enterprises, charities, universities and NHS providers.

Organisations based outside of the UK or EU with innovations in the remit for this competition can apply as subcontractors of a lead UK/EU-based organisation or via a UK or EU subsidiary. All innovations should demonstrate a clear benefit to the NHS.

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