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EPSRC Prosperity Partnerships round six

Fund Name

EPSRC Prosperity Partnerships round six

Project Length

3-5 years

Project Value




This funding opportunity is aimed at supporting both promising earlier-stage research partnerships which are on their way towards becoming strategic partnerships, as well as established partnerships that already have a long-term strategic partnership in place.

Prosperity Partnerships projects must:

Specific themes encouraged: Quantum Technologies and Net Zero

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Fund details

One opportunity, two funding routes:

Route one 

If your collaborative relationship is at a relatively early stage of approximately one to five years in duration, then the amount of EPSRC funding you may apply for must not exceed £1 million. Grants are normally between two to three years in duration.

Route two

If your collaborative relationship is well-established and has lasted for five years or more, then there is no restriction on the maximum amount of EPSRC funding you may apply for. Grants are normally between three to five years in duration. This route is intended for larger grants of more than £1 million.


The primary business partner and primary academic partner should consider the following criteria before applying:

  • the business and academic partners have a demonstrable, research-based relationship that has been established for at least one year
  • there are clear plans to evolve this relationship via user-inspired shared research challenges demonstrating a desire to enhance the partnership
  • both partners are committed to the co-creation of a jointly delivered research programme at the technology readiness level (TRL) one to three:
  • basic and applied research
  • principles are demonstrated through experimentation
  • early proof of concept demonstrated in the lab


Businesses can act as the ‘primary business partner’ if they are:

  • a UK-based business or have UK-based research activity
  • a business in the private sector driven by profit which can provide the necessary cash contribution

Research organisations can act as the ‘primary academic partner’ if they are eligible to receive research council funding:

  • UK higher education institutions
  • research council institutes
  • UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) approved independent research organisations
  • public sector research establishments
  • NHS bodies with research capacity
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