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ESA Business Applications’ Call for Proposals

Fund Name

ESA Business Applications’ Call for Proposals

Project Length

6-24 months

Project Value

50-80% of the project costs



ESA Business Applications’ Call for proposals (Direct Negotiation) is always open. Businesses from any sector can apply throughout the year, and the amount of funding may vary according to the project. The goal of this activity is for the business to develop a new commercial service that utilises one or more space asset (e.g. Satellite Navigation, Satellite Telecommunication, Earth Observation, Space Weather, Space Technologies).

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Fund Details

This opportunity is intended for the progression of a new service which uses satellite navigation, satellite telecommunication, earth observation, space weather, and/ or space technologies. The funder is offering:

  • Zero-Equity Funding (up to 50% per project)
  • Technical & Commercial Guidance
  • Access to our Network & Partners
  • Brand Credibility

The tendering process follows a three step approach:

  • Activity Pitch Questionnaire (APQ)
  • Outline Proposal (OP)
  • Full Proposal (FP)

There is no formal deadline to submit an Outline Proposal while the call is open.


Funded participation is open to any company and/or organisation, be it as group of users, public body or non-governmental organisation, residing in any of the ESA Member States that are participating to the programme as specified in the Letter of Invitation in EMITS.

The Agency is supporting Demonstration Projects with funding up to 50% of the total eligible costs. SMEs involved in Demonstrations Projects, may be funded by ESA up to 80%, subject to agreement of their respective delegation(s). The remainder has to be financed by the tenderer and/or other partners through private and/or public sector.

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