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Eurogia call for projects

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Eurogia call for projects

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Eurogia2030 is the Eureka Cluster on the front line in the energy field to achieve carbon neutrality goals. Through low-carbon technology R&D solutions, Eurogia aims to contribute to a sustainable environment for the reduction of climate change and sustainable growth.

Some of the targeted challenges to achieve these goals are:

  • Carbon-free energy supply
  • Green mobility and smart cities
  • Smarter housings and constructions
  • Bio resources and environment

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The scope of this call for projects includes:

  • Offshore wind turbines, bioenergy, solar panels, fuel cells power to-X, energy storage
  • Hydrogen fuel cell (production, storage, station)
  • CO2 capture, sequestration and utilisation
  • Green and zero-emission buildings, smart cities, heating
  • IT solutions in buildings, smart monitoring, 3D construction, digital twins in housing design
  • Smart grids, micro-grid, E-mobility, smart cities
  • Monitoring of the environment and bio resources
  • Other low-carbon technologies addressing Eurogia’s 5Ds strategy


Eureka has limited eligibility criteria for organisations participating in a Clusters consortium:

  • Your project idea must represent international cooperation in the form of a specific project.
  • The project must be directed at researching or developing an innovative product, process or service with the goal of commercialisation.
  • The project must have a civilian purpose.
  • Your consortium must include at least two independent legal entities from a minimum of two Eureka countries.
  • No single organisation or country can be responsible for more than 70% of the project budget.

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