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Green Heat Network Fund

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Green Heat Network Fund



The Green Heat Network Fund (GHNF) will provide capital grant support for both the commercialisation and construction of new low- and zero-carbon heat networks, along with the retrofitting and expansion of existing ones.

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The GHNF objectives are to:

  • Achieve carbon savings and decreases in carbon intensity of heat supplied.
  • Increase the total amount of low carbon heat utilisation in heat networks (both retrofitted and new heat networks).
  • Contribute towards market transformations across the investment landscape and supply chain that will better prepare the heat network sector for further decarbonisation.

Schemes must deliver low carbon heat at a volume of heat that is consistent with our strategic objectives for heat network market growth in England.


The GHNF is a grant-only scheme, disbursed over a series of funding rounds, providing funding across the financial years 2022/23 to 2026/27.

GHNF grant funding is available to applicants from the private and public sectors in England. The maximum allowable grant is up to, but not including, 50% of the estimated eligible commercialisation and construction costs of the project. The GHNF will award no more than 4.5p of grant per 1kWh of heat delivered to customers over the first 15 years of operation. It is important to note that these are the absolute scheme limits, and most projects are expected to significantly outperform these to score well in competition.


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