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Heat Pump Ready Programme Stream 2

Fund Name

Heat Pump Read Programme Stream 2 (developing tools and technology)

Project Length

Up to 18 months for rapid projects and up to 30 months for longer duration projects

Project Value

Up to £2m



The Heat Pump Ready Programme aims to accelerate the commercialisation of innovative clean energy technologies and processes through the 2020s and 2030s. As a key solution for decarbonising homes, heat pumps will be critical for meeting the UK’s legally binding commitment to achieve net-zero by 2050.

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Fund Details

The Heat Pump Ready Programme is split into 3 separate delivery streams:

Stream 1: solutions for high-density heat pump deployment. Up to £30 million of Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) funding from spring 2022.
Stream 2: developing tools and technology. Up to £25 million of grant funding for projects to overcome barriers to heat pump deployment, beginning spring 2022 (this stream).
Stream 3: trial support and learning. Up to £5 million contract from spring 2022.

Stream 2 aims to support applied R&D projects, focused on driving down the lifetime costs of domestic heat pump deployment, improving the domestic consumer experience and acceptability of heat pumps through technology and process innovation and improving the home suitability and interoperability of heat pumps with other smart technology and within the wider electricity system.

This competition seeks:

  • The delivery of innovative tools and technologies which address remaining heat pump deployment barriers.
  • Innovations that lead to heat pump systems that are suited to the majority of the UK building stock, based on standard archetypes.

Funding is available across 5 tool and technology areas:

  1. Reducing lifetime cost and increasing performance of domestic heat pumps
  2. Minimising home disruption whilst providing high-quality installation
  3. Financial models to support heat pump deployment
  4. Improving the customer journey
  5. Smart and flexible home energy system


  • Projects can be sole or collaborative, they must be led by UK based, private sector businesses.
  • Innovation must be at TRL 5 to 8 at project commencement, reaching TRL 7 to 9 by project completion.
  • Trials of tools, technology or processes must take place within GB and tailored for British climate and housing stock.
  • Will not fund products that are already commercially or widely deployed in the UK or internationally.

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