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Innovate UK Launchpads

Fund Name

Innovate UK Launchpads

Project Length

6-18 months

Project Value

£150k - £1m



Each Launchpad supports a geographic cluster and is open to businesses of all sizes (including SMEs and large businesses), providing innovation funding, support, and networking opportunities to help businesses to innovate, grow and scale their businesses.

Launchpads are tailored to cater to a specific innovation cluster, addressing some of the key challenges facing SMEs in the cluster, which may be access to innovation finance and collaboration.

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The launchpads are focused on the following clusters:

Launchpad: Agri-tech and food tech in Eastern England

The aim is to revolutionise agri-tech and food technology, driving innovation in food production and sustainability.

Deadline: 06-Dec-23

Launchpad: Digital technologies North East England

This Launchpad will be at the forefront of digital technologies applied to fast growth and emerging markets.

Deadline: 13-Dec-23

Launchpad: Health technology West Yorkshire

Innovate UK are looking for business-led projects that grow activities in the health technology innovation cluster in West Yorkshire.

Deadline: 13-Dec-23

Launchpad: Life & Health Sciences Northern Ireland

This launchpad is dedicated to the advancement of healthcare solutions and medical breakthroughs.

Deadline: 13-Dec-23

Launchpad: Marine & maritime in Great South West

This launchpad will support initiatives in marine and maritime industries, fostering growth and sustainability in this sector.

Deadline: 06-Dec-23

Launchpad: Net zero industry South West Wales

This launchpad is dedicated to the pursuit of sustainable solutions in the realm of net-zero industrial emissions.

Deadline: 13-Dec-23

Launchpad: bio-based manufacturing in Scotland – R1 CR&D

This launchpad seeks projects to contribute to Scotland’s ambitions for bio-based manufacturing innovation.

Deadline: 13-Dec-23


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