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Innovative Health Initiative (IHI) Call 7

Fund Name

Innovative Health Initiative (IHI) Call 7

Project Value

Up to €45m



IHI call 7 is a single-stage call with topics on heart disease, the healthcare workforce, and biomarkers.

Also open is IHI call 6, a two-stage call with topics on treatment persistency and the use of real-world data/evidence.

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Fund details

There are three topics in this call:

  • Topic 1: Improving clinical management of heart disease from early detection to treatment
  • Topic 2: User-centric technologies and optimised hospital workflows for a sustainable healthcare workforce
  • Topic 3: Clinical validation of biomarkers for diagnosis, monitoring disease progression and treatment response

More details on the two topics, including the budget breakdown, can be found here.


  • This is a one-stage call
  • Competition under Horizon Europe
  • Clinical studies can be included
  • Applicant consortia must ensure that at least 45% of the action’s eligible costs are provided by contributions from private members which are members of IHI JU, their constituent or affiliated entities, and/or from contributing partners
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