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International Green Corridors Fund

Fund Name

International Green Corridors Fund: UK – NL Feasibility Studies

Project Length

Up to 6 months

Project Value

£50k - £250k



Innovate UK will work with The Department for Transport (UK) and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (NL) investing a combined total of up to £860,000 in innovation projects.

These projects will study Green Shipping Corridor routes between the UK and the Netherlands. UK-registered businesses must collaborate with at least one Netherlands non-linked registered business applying under the equivalent Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) competition programme.

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Fund details

The aim of this competition is to fund innovative feasibility studies into routes that stimulate early adoption of promising long-term solutions to reach zero emissions in shipping.

Your joint Netherlands and UK project must conduct a technical and economic feasibility study associated with the development and real-world demonstration of a Green Shipping Corridor route. You must assess and develop a clear implementation plan for the real-world establishment of the corridor.

To qualify as a Green Shipping Corridor, you must plan for at least one net zero emission (well-to-wake) vessel to be transiting a route between the UK and the Netherlands. Your project must study the steps needed to achieve a Green Shipping Corridor on that route.

Your project must:

  • underpin a future Green Shipping Corridor demonstration by delivering meaningful technology, route to market and supply chain innovations
  • achieve market potential through a clear strategy for commercialising the technology and the products, demonstrating the potential for significant value to the UK and the Netherlands
  • illustrate potential greenhouse gas emissions reduction that could be achieved by the future Green Shipping Corridor
  • bring together a team with the necessary expertise and experience to successfully deliver the project objectives

The following fuels are in scope of this call.

  • bio-methanol
  • synthetic renewable LNG
  • synthetic renewable methanol
  • synthetic renewable ammonia
  • green hydrogen
  • renewable electricity
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