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Ofgem: Whole system integration- Discovery

Fund Name

Ofgem: Whole system integration- Discovery

Project Length

2 months

Project Value

Up to £150k



This competition is delivered in partnership with the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem) and is funded by the Ofgem Strategic Innovation Fund. It aims to deliver value to energy consumers through energy network innovation and decarbonise gas and electric energy distribution and transmission networks through whole system integration solutions.

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Fund Details

Your project must address the overarching requirements of the Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF), as stipulated in the SIF Governance Document. Over the three phases, applicants must demonstrate that projects deliver a net benefit to network consumers through:

  • Energy bill cost reductions
  • Carbon emission reduction
  • Access to revenues for users of energy network services; or introducing products, processes and services that are new to the UK energy market

As a minimum you must directly address at least two as the primary focus of the proposed project:

  • Current and future needs for energy provision for heat, power, and transport
  • Coordinating energy transmission, distribution and system operation across gas and electricity
  • Complementary and competing priorities between local, national, and international energy systems
  • Evaluating the costs and opportunities of repurposing or decommissioning existing infrastructure or assets
  • Assessment of the costs of potential energy demand reduction activities against alternative interventions
  • Utilisation of data and development of new approaches which harness greater value from data across organisations
  • Future policy and regulatory conditions, as well as market designs, which support whole systems, approaches for example integrated network planning and whole system operation


To lead a project, you must:

  • Be a licenced: gas distribution network, transmission network operator, or electricity system operator
  • Work with at least one other energy network licensee holding a different category of network licence, for example: a gas transporter, electricity system operator, electricity transmission, electricity distribution or other energy
  • Network licensed company
  • Work with at least one generator, energy supplier, or consumer group

Subcontractors can include a variety of third-party innovators such as:

  • Start-ups
  • SMEs
  • Suppliers
  • Academics
  • Independent researchers
  • Disruptors
  • Other energy network companies

We are looking for proposals that involve all the necessary stakeholders relevant to the proposed innovation, from a whole system integration perspective.

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