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SSPP Future Plastic Packaging Solutions Round 2

Fund Name

SSPP Future Plastic Packaging Solutions Round 2

Project Length

Up to 24 months

Project Value




The aim of this competition is to support feasibility studies, industrial research and experimental development, that addresses widely known problems in relation to plastic packaging for consumer products.

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Fund Details

You must explain how you are innovating to address one or more of the UK Plastics Pact targets or overall objective of keeping plastic packaging out of the natural environment. The benefits of your new approach must be quantified in terms of the UK Plastic Pact targets where possible. Any environmental impacts must be described and justified.

Your project must deliver a more circular plastic packaging value chain, with reduced environmental impacts, such as:

  • carbon emissions
  • improved recyclability

You must consider the likely environmental impacts to:

  • humans
  • wildlife and
  • the broader environment

Specific Themes

Your project can focus on one or more of the following:

  • the prevention, mitigation or measurement of plastic packaging litter polluting the environment
  • facilitating and scaling the adoption of reuse, refill and prefill packaging systems
  • chemical recycling approaches for PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) packaging


Your project must:

  • have a grant funding request between £30,000 and £250,000
  • start by 1 April 2023
  • end by 31 March 2025
  • last up to 24 months
  • carry out all of its project work in the UK
  • intend to exploit the results from or in the UK

To lead a project or work alone your organisation must:

  • be a UK registered business of any size
  • a research and technology organisation (RTO)
  • charity, not for profit or public sector organisation

If the lead organisation is an RTO it must collaborate with 2 businesses (one SME, and one business of any size).

Academic institutions cannot lead or work alone.

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