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Unlocking Space for Business

Fund Name

UK Space Agency: Unlocking Space for Business

Project Length

9 months

Project Value

Up to £400k



The competition aims to offer financial services and transport & logistics companies, alongside satellite data and service partners, the chance to apply for a share of up to £3.5 million, inclusive of VAT and subject to affordability, to trial new solutions that use satellite data and services to benefit their organisation.

This grant call is targeting medium-to-high technology readiness level (TRL) solutions that can deliver a tangible end-user benefit within the 9-month maximum project duration.

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Fund details

Projects must provide benefit to an end-user business within either the Financial Services or Transport & Logistics sectors and must have a positive economic benefit to end-users within the UK.

Projects will involve one or more of the three types of commercial satellite data and services in combination with complementary terrestrial data and technologies (e.g. AI, machine learning, quantum, drones, geospatial data), which are:

  • satellite imagery (earth observation)
  • satellite connectivity and communications
  • position, navigation & timing (PNT)

The Agency welcomes proposals that meet at least one of the Agency’s strategic objectives, which are:

  • new revenue growth opportunities
  • improved customer experiences
  • enhanced decision-making capabilities
  • environmental, social and governance (ESG) benefits


Applications are encouraged from companies within the financial services or transport & logistics sectors interested in piloting new solutions that use satellite data and services within their organisation to solve key challenges. Companies are expected to apply as a consortium with a satellite data or service supplier alongside any other relevant aggregator organisations needed to deliver their pilot project.

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