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Water Breakthrough Challenge 4: Transform

Fund Name

Water Breakthrough Challenge 4: Transform Stream

Project Value

£2m - £10m



The Transform Stream aims to spark ambitious innovation and enable new approaches and ways of working, equipping the water sector to address the big challenges facing the sector, driving far-reaching and long-lasting benefits to customers, society and the environment across England and Wales now and into the future.

In this round, approximately £30 million is available for entries seeking funding between £2 million and £10 million. Subject to certain conditions, Ofwat is open to accepting entries bidding for greater than £10 million.


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Fund details

Innovation Themes

  1. Responding and adapting to climate change including achieving the sector ambitions of net zero carbon, zero waste and zero leakage
  2. Protecting and enhancing the environment and natural systems to protect current and future customers from the impacts of extreme weather and pollution
  3. Delivering long-term operational resilience and understanding infrastructure risks to customers and the environment, finding solutions to mitigate these in sustainable and efficient ways
  4. Testing new ways of conducting core activities to deliver the services customers and society need, expect and value both now and in the future

Ofwat is seeking truly innovative entries and encourages water companies to adopt an open risk appetite within their Fund entries, supported by strong risk management with a clear plan to share data and learning, regardless of the outcome.

Ofwat particularly encourages entries that involve partnerships and collaboration between water companies, including NAVs, as well as with organisations in the water sector supply chain and beyond.

Entries will be reviewed against the following assessment categories:

  1. Positive impact on water customers, society and the environment
  2. Innovation enablers and innovative solutions
  3. Capacity, capability and commitment to deliver


The lead entrant to Breakthrough 4 must be one of the licensed regional water only and water and wastewater companies or new entrant water and wastewater companies (NAVs) in England and Wales.

A maximum of 90% of each entry’s financial costs will be provided by funding from Breakthrough 4. Entry partners must provide the remaining 10% of the entry’s total financial costs as a mandatory 10% financial contribution.

Entrants will also need to prepare:

  • Registration for a recording slot (Zoom call), where the entry team will record a five-minute pitch. This will aid the understanding of the assessors and judges when reviewing your entry. You must register for a recording slot no later than Friday 29 September 2023 at 5 pm (BST)
  • Book a surgery session to answer clarifying questions about the entry and assessment process


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