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Women in Innovation Award

Fund Name

Women in Innovation Award 2024/25

Project Length

12 months

Project Value

Up to £75k



Innovate UK, part of UK Research and Innovation, offers up to 50 Women in Innovation Awards to women entrepreneurs within SMEs across the UK. The winners will receive a £75,000 grant and bespoke business support.

The award includes a Grant Writing Workshop on May 31st. Innovate UK will provide guidance on applying for the grant – if you’d like an assessor-standard review of your first draft with constructive feedback, contact us. Our grant-writing experts have worked on hundreds of applications and know what it takes to be successful.

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Fund details

This competition aims to fund and support a diverse portfolio of Women in Innovation Award winners:

  • who will be relatable role models for women from all backgrounds
  • from regions across the UK
  • who are solving a range of pressing societal, environmental and economic challenges
  • in a variety of innovation areas

Your project must identify clearly evidenced pressing societal, environmental or economic challenges, and how your project and innovation can help solve them.​

Applications can come from any area of innovation (where innovation is defined as the commercially successful exploitation of ideas) and be applied to any part of the economy.

Innovate UK is looking for women who clearly explain how they will benefit from the full package of funding and support and who can describe how this will add value to them and their businesses.

Innovate UK are particularly encouraging applications from women who:

  • are looking to develop a game-changing novel idea or business innovation
  • have the potential, capability, experience and personal drive to become leaders in business innovation
  • want to be a role model for others, including in their region, sector and for young people
  • have a clear vision for their business
  • know what they are hoping to achieve from the award and how to measure success

As an award holder, you will receive tailored business support, including but not limited to:

  • funding and finance options and how to access these
  • media and communications, for example, branding
  • developing new business models
  • evaluating market opportunities
  • finding new partners
  • growth and scale up
  • developing international collaborations and accessing global markets
  • business planning strategy
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