Project management

We provide considered project management support for successfully grant-funded projects including initial compliance, project initiation, reporting, financial drawdown, partner liaison and on-going communication of project milestones. Our project management approach is tailored to each client’s specific skillsets and needs, ensuring maximum value for money and the right expertise at the right time.

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Project Management 

Clin-e-cal is an innovative SME who through science, technology and clinical research have developed Sound Response® technology specifically designed to address significant needs in the respiratory sector. They were successful in securing Innovate UK grant funding but were feeling overwhelmed by the amount of reporting required before and during the project. Read More


Find out how we helped London based FinTech firm Paybase, led by entrepreneurs Anna Tsyupko and Christopher Wessels, secure a substantial £670,000 grant from Innovate UK. Read More


LOOP is a pre-revenue, start-up company which provides a digital platform to reduce waste and realise value in the commercial built environment. LOOP will enable Read More

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