Enabling data access in accountancy, insurance and legal services: Innovation Lab

Fund Name: Enabling data access in accountancy, insurance and legal services
Project Length: Must be complete by 31st March 2021
Project Value: Up to £3.5m
Deadline: 04/09/2019


The aim of this competition is to speed up the responsible adoption of AI and data technologies and solutions in the accountancy, insurance and legal sectors by enabling better access to data.

The process and activities within the Innovation Lab may be unconventional, challenging and unexpected. By submitting an application, you are agreeing to take part fully, enthusiastically and constructively.

Fund Details

Project proposals submitted after the Innovation Lab must focus on solutions that:

  • identify and develop a data access method to enable AI application for one or more of the 3 sectors
  • address incentives, opportunities and ongoing business models to ensure a sustainable data access approach
  • consider broader, non-technical aspects of data access methods, including ethics, bias and privacy

Your proposal must:

  • quantify how the solution can be exploited
  • address regulatory issues and constraints

Innovate UK is looking to fund a portfolio of projects across the 3 sectors and varying technological maturities.

Any project you develop at the Innovation Lab can have a maximum grant of £1.5 million.



To apply to attend the Innovation Lab, you must:

  • commit to attending and staying overnight for all 3 days (2 nights) at the UK location, which will be announced in the next few weeks
  • show you are able to work collaboratively and have the relevant skills, expertise and experience to represent your organisation
  • describe the data, finances and other resources your organisation can commit
    be nominated to act as a representative on behalf of your organisation
  • attend on behalf of a UK-based business, regulatory body, academic organisation, research and technology organisation (RTO) or charity
  • have the technical or sector expertise necessary to collaborate with other participants on developing solutions to the challenge

Project team 

Consortia created at the Innovation Lab will submit their project proposals through a later competition on the Innovation Funding Service.

To be eligible to submit a final project proposal after the Innovation Lab each of the organisations in your project team must:

The lead organisation must be a UK-based business and must have attended the Innovation Lab.

Your project must start by 1 April 2020 and be completed by 31 March 2021.

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