IETF energy efficiency and decarbonisation studies, Spring 2021

Fund Name: IETF energy efficiency and decarbonisation studies, Spring 2021
Project Length: 12-24 months
Project Value: £30k-£50k
Deadline: 14/07/2021


This competition aims to support feasibility and engineering studies necessary to enable an investment decision in energy efficiency and deep decarbonisation solutions. This is the second round of the IETF Phase 1 competition.

IETF will award up to £40 million across 2 strands. These are:

  • feasibility and engineering studies (this strand)
  • deployment projects
Fund details

This strand of the competition aims to:

  • help industrial companies build a pipeline of future deployment projects by supporting feasibility and engineering studies
  • reduce the costs and risks of either industrial energy efficiency or decarbonisation technologies

The intention is to support studies necessary to facilitate the permanent installation of technologies at industrial sites, rather than general research, development, and testing of a technology solution.

Feasibility study

If you are carrying out a feasibility study it must:

  • investigate a defined technology solution that meets the eligibility criteria of the fund. Technologies must improve the energy efficiency, reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of an industrial process or achieve both
  • establish whether or not the potential technology is technically and commercially viable at the lead applicant’s site
  • enable the applicant to reach a conclusion on whether further development of the proposed technology solution is cost-effective, with the aim of eventually deploying the technology permanently
  • in the case of energy efficiency, focus on determining the costs and benefits of the scheme, alongside how it would perform with regards to the existing process (including any potential impacts on operability, environmental benefits and scheduling of the plant)
  • in the case of deep decarbonisation studies, focus on the technical barriers associated with deploying this technology and any specific barriers to deployment within this process, in addition to an assessment of the economic impacts of deploying this solution
Engineering study

Innovate UK expects your engineering study to show appropriate consideration of:

  • technical approach including performance and commissioning and acquisition of materials, expertise etc.
  • carbon reduction and other benefits analysis
  • health and safety, and permitting
  • planning and consent
  • environmental impacts
  • economic analysis and forecasting
  • project delivery requirements and scheduling including identified contractors
  • project risks and risk management strategy
Specific themes

Deep decarbonisation

Deep decarbonisation studies must investigate technologies that will result in a significant reduction in the greenhouse gas emissions of an industrial process or processes on the identified site, focussing specifically on reducing the carbon content of any energy used on site. These technologies will not necessarily have an energy efficiency benefit.

Energy effciency 

Energy efficiency studies must investigate technologies that improve the energy efficiency of an industrial process or processes on the identified site. These technologies will be primarily focussed on reducing the energy requirements of existing processes on site. Eligible technologies must have been proven to work through successful operation on existing processes and/or be qualified through test and demonstration. This corresponds to Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) of 8, 9 and above.


Your project must:

  • start by 01 July 2022
  • end by 30 June 2024
  • up to 12 months if it is a feasibility study
  • up to 24 months if it is an engineering study

To lead a project or work alone your organisation must also:

  • be a registered business of any size in England, Wales or Northern Ireland
  • be the manufacturer or data centre operator at the site that is the focus, and end-beneficiary of the study.
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