Innovate UK Manufacturing and materials

Fund Name: Manufacturing and materials
Project Length: 6 - 36 Months
Project Value: Up to £19M
Deadline: 31/01/2018

Innovate UK Manufacturing and materials

The aim of Innovate UK Manufacturing and materials is to encourage and broaden innovation in the manufacturing and materials sector. Projects should target opportunities for significant changes in productivity and in cutting-edge innovations with significant potential for encouraging growth in all parts of the UK economy. Innovation is required to grow UK manufacturing productivity, increase material efficiency and sustain our competitiveness in the long term.

Examples for achieving this are:

  • developing more flexible and efficient processes
  • developing processes that enable faster and greater customisation of products, to satisfy consumer demands
  • developing materials for ease of manufacture
  • addressing the manufacturing readiness of growing sectors
  • developing materials to deliver targeted performance specifications
  • diversifying product and service lines to address new markets
  • developing novel services or business models that open up new sources of  revenue from manufacturing
Specific strand 1 competition themes

Innovative projects are welcomed across the following main manufacturing and materials technology themes:

  • nanotechnology and nanomaterials
  • composite materials
  • coatings, thin films and surfaces
  • metals and metallurgy
  • ceramics
  • polymers
  • non-metallics
  • electronic and sensing materials
  • resource efficiency
  • assembly and joining
  • forming technologies
  • chemical and bio process
  • surface engineering
  • CAD/CAM/CAE/simulation, digital manufacturing
  • electronics manufacturing
  • sensor and instrument (design and manufacture)
  • material recovery and treatment
  • additive manufacturing and 3D printing

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