Longer Duration Energy Storage: Demonstrating innovation – Stream 1

Fund Name: Longer Duration Energy Storage: Demonstrating innovation – Stream 1
Project Length: December 2022
Project Value: £1m
Deadline: 13/08/2021


Lithium-ion batteries, which are increasingly being deployed in the energy storage market, are unlikely to be cost-competitive for longer durations. The only mature solution for longer duration energy storage is conventional pumped hydropower storage, of which there are already 3 GW connected to the UK energy system.

This Competition is focused on pre-commercial demonstrator proposals for electrical storage, thermal storage and power-to-x technologies which can provide novel grid services and demonstrate cost reductions and improvement in technology performance. Technologies in scope would need to not be commercially deployed (in the UK or elsewhere) and would need to be at a TRL of 6 or 7.

Competition objectives

Each application must specify which single technology category the project falls within (electrical storage, thermal storage or power-to-x). Any technology that discharges the majority of its energy as electricity should apply to the electrical category, any technology that discharges the majority of its energy as heat should apply to the thermal category and as technology that discharges the majority of its energy as an energy carrier should apply to power-x.

The detailed technical deliverables will be different for each project, but all will be expected to contribute to the following Competition objectives:

  • Explore the potential for cost reductions of longer duration storage technologies;
  • De-risk effective non-conventional storage technologies and therefore
  • Secure buy-in from commercial investors;
  • Demonstrate capability, securing data to inform policy formulation;
  • Build a pipeline of storage technologies in the UK, supporting expertise and export opportunities.
Project scope
  • All technologies must demonstrate the ability to store energy in a compact form without significant energy loss for periods of time sufficient to mitigate against the non-dispatchability of renewable generation technologies, before utilising the stored energy to undertake useful work as heat, electricity, or to displace an alternative carbon-intensive energy carrier.
  • All technologies must demonstrate flexibility services for the grid, and thus must demonstrate the ability to charge using electricity. BEIS welcome technologies which are able to offer additional services to other sectors.
  • The technology demonstrator must be for the UK energy system and thus meet the needs of the UK energy system. The demonstration itself must take place in the UK. This does not preclude elements of the project from being conducted outside the UK or part of project costs being spent outside of the UK; however, this would need to be justified in the application. Projects can be located anywhere in the UK.
  • Given the potential for longer duration storage to alleviate grid congestion, we are interested in proposals for siting storage facilities at points of transmission or distribution network constraint. BEIS are also interested in proposals for facilities co-located with electricity sources and sinks, facilitating integration of longer duration energy storage into the wider electricity system.

Registration Form- The Registration Form is available here. The deadline for submitting registration forms is 23 July 2021.

Submission of Proposal- The full proposal must be submitted online by 14:00 13 August 2021.


To lead a project consortia or work alone your organisation must:

  • be a business of any size, a research organisation or a research and technology organisation (RTO) with a base in the UK
  • intend to exploit the results from or in the UK

If the lead organisation is an RTO or a research organisation it must collaborate with at least 1 business. Academic institutions cannot work alone or act as lead applicant.

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