SBRI Healthy Aging Social Ventures Feasibility Studies

Fund Name: Healthy Aging Social Ventures Feasibility Studies
Project Length: Up to 12 months
Project Value: Up to £50K
Deadline: 15/09/2021


The aim of this competition is to enable businesses with a social purpose to develop and deliver innovative products and services. UKRI will award up to £4 million inclusive of VAT across 2 strands. These are:

Healthy Ageing Social Ventures Feasibility Studies for projects with costs up to £50,000 (this strand)
Healthy Ageing Social Ventures Industrial Research for projects with costs from £50,000 to £150,000 for prototype development and evaluation

Feasibility Studies means planned research or critical investigation to gain new knowledge and skills for developing new products, processes or services. Your project can focus on one or more of the following 7 themes from the Healthy Ageing Challenge Framework:

  • Living well with cognitive impairment
  • Sustaining physical activity
  • Maintaining health at work and work in later life
  • Managing the common complaints of ageing
  • Design for age-friendly homes
  • Creating healthy active places
  • Supporting social connections
Fund Details

Products and services benefitting the general public must be accessible without restrictions and barriers such as affordability. You must demonstrate a credible and practical route to market, so your application must include a plan to commercialise your results. Your project must:

  • Address one or more of the 7 themes identified by the Healthy Ageing Challenge Framework to support people as they age
  • Identify a clear route to market, scalability, and sustainability for your product or service
  • Have a clearly identified and existing lead customer
  • Demonstrate the technical, development, and market feasibility of your proposed innovation
  • Describe how your innovation is addressing critical social or environmental challenges
  • Demonstrate a causal link between your business activities and the achievement of your declared social or environmental impact
  • Describe how all social impact will be measured, evidenced, and reported
  • Outline your commitment to specific social outcomes, clearly identifying beneficiaries related to your social or environmental mission
  • Explain how any profits after tax will be distributed so surpluses are used to achieve future social or environmental impacts
  • Establish ongoing collaboration between all members of the project team
  • Formalise any required ethical approvals, data sharing agreements, and contracts

To lead a project, you must:

  • Be an organisation of any size
  • Work alone or with other organisations as subcontractors
  • Exist wholly to provide benefits for society
  • Have stated commitment to social outcomes for an identified set of beneficiaries related to your social or environmental mission
  • Have objects in your constitutional documents, which form a constitutional lock, that protect your social or environmental mission
  • Have a policy to distribute profits after tax so surpluses are used to achieve social or environmental impacts

Contracts will be awarded only to a single legal entity. However, if you can justify subcontracting components of the work, you can employ specialist consultants or advisers. This work will still be the responsibility of the main contractor. Here is a diagram showing a summary of eligibility.

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