UK Aerospace Research and Technology Programme: collaborative feasibility studies round 1

Fund Name: collaborative feasibility studies round 1
Project Length: Up to 12 months
Project Value: Up to £8m
Deadline: 27/02/2019


The aim of this competition is to support and speed up industry investment focused on supply chain companies.

Fund Details

Innovate UK are looking to fund a portfolio of projects, across a variety of technologies, markets and technological maturities. We will apply this portfolio approach across the 3 competitions: fast-track collaborative R&D, collaborative R&D and feasibility studies.

Your feasibility study project can focus on one or more of the following:

Concept designs for radical or unconventional medium and long-range aircraft

Topics can include, for example:

  • top-level design of the aircraft geometry
  • means of propulsion
  • system integration
  • novel structural approaches

Concept designs for urban and regional air vehicles, vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) and short take-off and landing (STOL)

Topics can include, for example:

  • top-level design of the aircraft
  • means of propulsion
  • system integration
  • air vehicle safety
  • how the aircraft will be manufactured

Requirements for a scalable hybrid electric power demonstrator facility

Topics can include, for example:

  • identification of requirements for high power or voltage electrical power system integration facility for high voltage systems in the 1 to 2MW scale
  • evaluation of the requirements for a 500kW superconducting power system demonstration facility

Modelling of high-temperature superconducting electrical power machines

Topics can include, for example:

  • developing models of superconducting machine propulsors using the latest HTS materials
  • software models of high temperature superconducting (HTS) machines and advanced conventional electrical machines
  • comparison of existing advanced electrical machine designs for electric propulsion

Establishing the environmental Impact of novel air vehicles

Topics can include, for example:

  • likely impact on gaseous emissions such as CO2 and NOx
  • likely impact on particulate emissions
  • expected noise characteristics of electric machines and electrically powered rotors and fans
  • impact of congestion levels, both on air and on ground and overall energy consumption

Single crew or autonomous vehicle integration into controlled airspace

Topics can include, for example:

  • situational and positional awareness techniques
  • command, control and communication management
  • investigating regulatory safety cases

Your project can have total eligible project costs of between £255,000 and £500,000. Projects must start by August 2019 and end by August 2020. They can last up to 12 months.


To be eligible for funding you must:

  • be a UK based business, academic organisation, charity, public sector organisation or research and technology organisation (RTO)
  • plan to carry out an aerospace research or technology development project in the UK
  • address the specific requirements of the UK Aerospace Technology Strategy, ‘Raising Ambition’
  • sign up to the Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) framework agreement
  • work in collaboration with other organisations to develop proposals and deliver projects
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