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We see the potential for something better, closely monitoring the landscape so we can rapidly match innovative projects to worthwhile opportunities, sharing the thrill of disruptive change whilst securing funds for those that have the conviction to ask if there’s a better way.

This free market intelligence report provides an introduction to the current landscape, the funders and the funds they offer, as well as the likely direction of travel we anticipate over the next 2 years.

A Guide to 2022 Grant Funding

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If you are thinking about your 2022 innovation funding strategy, then this is the guide for you. This market intelligence report features UK Government grant funding trends, 2022 grant funding competition forecast & a chance to win a free service offering.

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Innovative business can transform how we live and change day-to-day behaviours. We have the conviction to challenge the status quo and take pride in the tangible impact our work has on the world.